Are Turkish Cotton Towels Worth It?

Are Turkish Cotton Towels Worth It?

Consider Turkish cotton, it’s softer than “regular” cotton, but not so plush that it feels heavy like Egyptian cotton material. 

In selecting long-staple Turkish cotton towels, Turkish beach towels, robes, and bed linens, you’ll enjoy the softness and durability of its long-fiber construction, as well as the quick-drying benefits that let you live a life outside the laundry room. 

Read on to find out more about Lahammam’s Turkish cotton, including why it’s a worthwhile investment and how to care for it so your bath and bed linens last for years.


What is Turkish Cotton?

turkish towels worth it

Depending on the growing and harvesting conditions, cotton fiber can be of different lengths. The longer the fiber (also known as the staple), the fewer edges it will have when it’s woven into a fabric. As a result, longer fibers produce stronger and softer fabrics.

Despite what you may have heard about thread counts, the quality of the fibers is what gives bed and bath linens their softness and durability. (See this article to learn more about Why Thread Count Doesn’t Matter.)

Bed linens crafted with long-staple Turkish cotton are more plush and less likely to fray, pill or fade than cotton fabrics using shorter staples. So, if you’re wondering “is Turkish cotton soft,” the answer is 100% yes.

Turkish Cotton vs. Egyptian Cotton and Other Types of Cotton

Compared to “regular” cotton, including pima, Turkish cotton fabric feels softer and more plush due to its longer fibers.

Egyptian cotton has the longest fibers, which creates a more plush fabric than Turkish cotton. Although this might lead you to believe that Egyptian is the superior fabric, there can also be too much of a good thing. Because of its density, towels and bed linens made with Egyptian cotton can feel heavy, and the high absorbency rate means Egyptian cotton bath towels can take extra long to dry. (You can learn more in this What is Long-Staple Egyptian Cotton guide.) 

In contrast, fabric made with long-staple Turkish cotton fibers produces a lightweight fabric that doesn't absorb as much water. Because they take less time to dry, Turkish cotton bath linens are less likely to still be damp after a drying cycle. That reduces the chance for mildew to form, so your towels and robes don’t get that musty smell.


A Brief History of Turkish Cotton

Turkish cotton, unsurprisingly, comes from Turkey. But to understand why it’s such a treasured fabric, you’ll have to go back — way back — to the Ottoman Empire. 

Turkey was once part of the vast Ottoman Empire that was founded at the end of the 13th century and ruled by a long line of Sultans surrounded by royal families.

Over the hundreds of years that the Ottoman Empire existed, textiles were reserved for royalty and thus had to be of the highest quality. So the region developed a lasting reputation for having the finest fabrics, which continues to this day.

But not all Turkish cotton is created equal — there are three major cotton production regions within Turkey: the Aegean region in the west, the Cukurova region in the south and the Eastern Mediterranean region. The Turkish cotton from the Aegean region is known for its superior quality because it produces a longer staple than the cotton from the other regions.


What are the Benefits of Turkish Cotton?

If you enjoy your towels and robes feeling soft and smelling fresh, Turkish cotton is the ideal fabric for you. The luxury bath linens are plush and absorbent, leaving you feeling fresh and clean.

Whatever your comfort level or style, check out these benefits when selecting Turkish cotton bath and bed linen for your home.


Turkish Cotton Towels

turkish towels worth it

When investing in a high-quality towel, you really can’t beat Turkish cotton towels. They’re plush and long-lasting — and you don’t need to spend all day drying them.

One excellent choice is a set of Classic Turkish Cotton Supreme Towels with fibers loomed at 700 grams per square meter, offering an exceptionally soft feel.

If you’re in the mood for both comfort and exceptional durability, look into a set of Soft Rib Towels, crafted using Spinsoft Technology. This is a special process that results in a greater fiber surface area, making the towels super soft and long-lasting. The sculpted rib design also provides more surface area to ensure a faster drying time.


Turkish Cotton Bath Mats

When it comes to bath mats and rugs, you want something soft and cozy underfoot. Turkish cotton bath mats offer that experience, but they’re also light enough to dry quickly so you don’t end up stepping out onto a damp mat or a wet floor.

Start with a Classic Turkish Cotton Tub Mat for a luxurious addition to your bath routine. This classically-styled mat is made of the same superior Turkish cotton as high-quality soft and durable towels. 

If you prefer a more minimalist look when it comes to your bath rug style, a Braided Hand-Knit Rug can offer a subtle texture in neutral colors, with the same plush feeling.

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