What are the benefits of owning a La’Hammam Beach Towel?

What are the benefits of owning a La’Hammam Beach Towel?

100% Turkish cotton

As Turkey is known for manufacturing some of the highest quality cotton products in the world, La’Hammam Turkish towels are not an exception. La’Hammam towels are permeable unlike no other and are one of the very few traditional towels that take up less room and can dry very quickly. They are also known as Hammam, Fouta, or Pesthemal towels which are made from 100% Turkish cotton. This premium cotton possesses extra-long fibers which means fewer joins making these towels stronger and smoother. Due to its unique material, La’Hammam beach towels are known for becoming fluffier, softer, smoother, and even more absorbent after every wash.



beach towel

Turkish towels are not unique because they are made in turkey, but what makes them distinct is their cotton fibers that make these La’Hammam Turkish Beach Towels light in weight and long-lasting.



Besides everyday use, these hand-woven La’Hammam beach towels are wonderful accessories and great travel companions for sports, travel, gym, sauna, and boat and have become a very popular beach towel accessory. They will not hold onto the sand at the beach and look amazing as they are simple and yet chic all in one. But one of La’Hamamm towels' best features is its versatility. They can be used as:




-Snuggle on a plane




-Chair throw

-Bed throw

-Summer throw



beach towel

One characteristic that makes Turkish towels so popular is their ability to dry fast. As Turkish cotton is almost as pervious as Egyptian cotton, Pestemal cotton towels can dry faster which helps prevent mold or fungus from forming.


A must-have accessory

La’Hammam beach towels are designed to last 20 or more years getting softer and fluffier after every wash. Made with only 100% Turkish cotton making them super gentle on the skin and nature. However, you choose to wear or use it, pesthemal is a trendy accessory that you should never be without. When purchasing a beach towel, you are guaranteed that you only get quality and nothing less. La’Hammam Turkish towels are the ideal towel for you!

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