Donate Towel

Donate Towel

Like #onetowelonetree, we have our new social responsability project: #donatetowel.

Donate a towel, save an animal.

Your friends at La’Hammam truly care about our closest friends in this world: Animals, and take it so serious, making it a mission to take steps for our little friends.

By donating your used towels, you can get a 25% discount coupon for entire La’Hammam Catalog.

Donate towel project, focuses their efforts on animal shelters where our little friends needs towels to warming up in cold weather. As our friendliest partners, our friends in the animal shelters will thank you by giving you back a 25% discount coupon for entire La’Hammam Catalog.

Please donate only clean towels. Dirty ones wouldn’t be accepted by animal shelters.

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