Why are Turkish towels a great choice

Why are Turkish towels a great choice

La Hammam’s Turkish Towels are an iconic piece of Turkish culture and have been made the same way for centuries. Turkish towel is a flat-woven towel that was traditionally used in Turkish baths, so called ‘Hammam’s’, but it has since become part of luxury travel and home decor.

What's so special about La Hammam towels? They are super absorbent and very quick-drying. You can choose between La Hammam’s bath towels that are made thicker and have very soft luxurious feel to it or La Hammam’s beach towels that pack very light and they are versatile as you can use them in many different ways. They are also known as Peshtemal towels in Turkey.

What’s the difference between Turkish cotton and Regular cotton?

La Hammam’s towels come from long-fiber turkish cotton that grows in the Aegean region where the cotton is free from harmful chemicals and is naturally hypoallergenic -making it perfect for people with sensitive skin. Since its extra-long fibers, it has lesser joints in the weave of the fabric and this makes the La Hammam towels much softer and comfortable on the skin as compared to regular cotton towels. Once you touch it, you will realize how soft the material is. La Hammam towels also become softer with time and usage.

The main attraction of using these towels is that they are very absorbent and dry super quickly. One great thing is that La Hammam towels do not require constant washing like other towels do; they can be used for several days without needing to be washed again because of its humidity and bacterial resistance. They are also perfect to have as a bathrobe or beach blanket due to their lightweight nature.

They also have a luxurious feel and they're Sustainable

When you buy La Hammam towels made entirely from turkish cotton, you're supporting the artisans and villagers involved in the production of the Turkish cotton. Production or turkish cotton is typically small scale. These towels are made by craftspeople who have passed down their work from one generation to the next.

To summarise up quickly!

  • Super soft to touch
  • It's sustainable and non-toxic
  • It lasts longer
  • humidity and bacterial resistance
  • It's more durable than alternative cotton
  • It's super absorbent and fast-drying
  • It’s luxurious
  • It's free of harmful chemicals and toxins

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