La Hammam Summer 2021 Fashion

La Hammam Summer 2021 Fashion

Summer is finally here... We urge you to please keep your social distances as you enjoy the outdoors. We all know how hard it is, living with the pandemic has become a necessary part of our daily life.

The Peshtemals are back to the beaches, parks, and outdoors in general. Whether you are sunning in your backyard, taking a hike outdoors or chilling at home, there is always a way to indulge yourself with the soft touch of our peshtemals, natural soaps, room sprays, and candles. Just add that natural feeling and clean scent to your life, because we all deserve it.

Plenty of reasons brought La'Hammam brand to your doorsteps. As the world is raising the bar from old fashioned towels, it is now your turn to make the change. Our super soft thin towels have been around the Mediterranean for at least 8 centuries, and they are finally here. These thin towels are super soft, healthy and have multipurpose usages. Besides beaches and baths, they are great picnic companions to use as blankets, swaddles for your loved one and a great rag for under the pets. Coming in different sizes and colors there is always one that fits everyones personality to show who you are. Also, being so thin makes it very easy to carry around, keep it in the car or a backpack.

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